NKG 2012 National Juried

NKG Boston National Juried Group Exhibition 2012 Information

We wish to thank all the aritists who submitted work. We had a huge number of entries and wish we could have included many more. We will continue to follow the work of many of the artists that entered but whose work was not selected for future possibilites.

2012 Exhibition link

Congratualtions to the 2012 Solo Award Winner Jackie Reeves!


Selected Works
Lori Lupe Pelish - “Riding the Wave: Up”,
Nancy Morgan - “Melancholy”
Elaine Alibrandi - "Cauldron"
CJ Stevens – “Calypso Dreams”
Gissette Padilla - “Imprint”
Jackie Reeves - “Master Plan”
Helga Felleisen – “Mutanabi”
Jane Cohen- “Triptychs 1 - 3”
Kelli Weeks - “Suddenly”
Mary Mead – “Trap I”
Matt Neumann – “Color Runs Prime”
Neil Wilkins - “Jasper Drift”
Nick Irzyk - "Abstract Painting Machine”
Pamela Marks - “Video Composite #14”,
Sandy Rice – "Hard Frost"
John Tilney - “Looking Down”
Phillip Sadewicz - "High Speed Machine”
Pia Ward - "OWS"
Robyn Day - “Holy”
William Scully – “Study no.20”
June August - “Queen Elizabeth 2”
Kyle Bryant - “Can't Stop Won’t Stop”
Shay Culligan – "Piccadilly"
Soosen Dunholter – “Sea Spray”
Ani Avanian - “Concurrent Influence Series #4”
Brian C O’Malley – “please man your station”
Jiyoung Hong - “be/longing”
John Monteiro - "Restaurant"
Patricia Schappler – “Eve”
Teri Moore – “Laugh Factory”
Rhonda Smith - “Once Always”
Aaron Mitchell - “2011”
Beverly Rippel - “One Lamp”
CJ Lori - "After Hours, After Inness (Evening Landscape)"
Cynthia Guild - “Right to Left”
Ellie Kerns - “Empty Water Bottles on Windowsill”
Kellam Scott - “Dust is Ash”
Kurt Cole Eidsvig - “Jacob Wrestling with the Angel”
Shari Weschler Rubeck - “Alter EGO #2”
Stacey Cushner - “Usher”
Wendy Seller - “Pensive Girl”
Avery Lucas - “Grip”
Delanie Wise - “Roots2”
Katharena Rentumis -  “Not Yet Titled (“Guardians” series)”
Nicole Jackson - “Trashing the Trees”
Sue Arnold - “Narcissism”

Any questions? E-mail us at: nkgboston@gmail.com

Link to Expired January 2012 prospectus site for anyone who needs to read it.

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